How do you make awesome container technology like Tredly even better – you create an awesome web based management system for it.

Tredly Command Center was built allow you to easily manage all the features of Tredly using a beautiful and easy to use interface. Tredly Command Center allows you to many advanced things with Tredly that would be very difficult to do manually. Things like:

  1. Viewing the status of all your Hosts, Partitions, Containers and Container Groups
  2. Load balancing Partitions – create a new partition, select the partition you want to load balance and within a few minutes you will have a load balanced partition.
  3. Searching for Partitions and Containers over multiple Tredly-Hosts.

Tredly Command Center comes installed on every Tredly Host by default. We are working to have an online version available so using Tredly Command Center to manage your Tredly Hosts is even easier.

Here are some screenshots.